We, the JAPAN AGENTUR, are experts in all aspects of language and business relationships. The JAPAN AGENTUR is the top address for oral and written translations into Japanese or from Japanese into various European languages. Ever since the agency was founded in 1989, we have been providing our customers with top quality work. Your trust is what motivates us.

Our customers include many reputable big and medium-sized companies. We also work successfully for a wide variety of industries and fields of expertise. Furthermore, in cooperation with other offices, we are represented all over Europe and in Japan.

The simultaneous and consecutive interpreters have had excellent training and continue to receive specialised, ongoing training.

For written translations into the respective foreign language, we guarantee that language skills (by native speakers) are optimally combined with professional expertise. Last but not least: we are always cost-conscious and our work for you is realized consistent with previously agreed prices.

JAPAN AGENTUR – the link to success.